St. John's Vocation Cup

Every member of our parish is requested to pray the following prayer for the Vocations:

God most merciful and fountain of all graces, thank you for opening wide the doors of the church to us and for inviting us to extend your presence in a world that keeps moving away from you. Thank you for nurturing in us a longing to be of service to your church. Enkindle in us a deep love for you that the men and women of our parish might be more deeply inserted into the mystery of your Son and thus joyfully serve you in the Priesthood and Religious Life. May our hearts desire to do your utmost will for us. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For more information regarding the St. John’s Vocation Cup: [email protected] 

Coordinator:  Debbie Corvaia - (321) 439-9026, [email protected]