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St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community

Mass Times

Weekday Masses
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am

Celebration of Sunday Eucharist
Saturday: 9:00am (1st Sat of Month) & 4:30pm (Vigil)
Sunday: 7:15am, 9:00am, 11:00am, and 4:30pm.
(11:00am is Live Streamed on our website & Facebook.)

Saturday: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 9:00am
or by appointment.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
is currently closed due to COVID-19.
Please check back for updates on reopening.

Welcome Back to our Sanctuary!

Welcome Back to our Sanctuary

Dear Friends,

Having been in hiatus for over two months returning to the church for weekend Masses on 30/31st May, truly feels like a new beginning. It is Pentecost! It is the Birth Day of the Church! It is the day on which the promised “Advocate” sent by the Father and Jesus Christ penetrates the hearts and minds of the Apostles and kindles them with the fire of his love. Opening the doors of the church for a return to worship, brings us indescribable joy. 

From Monday, 18th May 2020 we were thrilled to have so many of you present for daily Masses; however, this does not mean that many are still apprehensive about coming to church, nor does it mean that the virus is no longer a threat.  Most, if not all of us, are no doubt feeling the effects of “isolation fatigue,” eager to get out.  At the same time, many are fearful and cautious.  For some it may have been a time of growth /awakening while for others a period of grief and sorrow. While this opportunity to return to gathering might be liberating for some, others may still feel threatened and vulnerable.  Feelings will be mixed for some time to come. 

When we do open the church for the Weekend Masses on 30/31 May, I want you to know that your safety and health are paramount.  We have taken all precautionary measures to ensure our facilities are sanitized and clean after every Mass. 

A few things to keep in mind when you return to worship:

General Dispensation from attending the Sunday Masses is still in place, which means you are not obligated to come to Sunday Mass.  It will remain in effect until we feel it is safe for all to return.  If you experience a cough, fever, and/or cold-like symptoms, please stay at home.  If you choose to remain at home, we strongly encourage you to participate in the SJE Mass via livestream at 11 a.m. every Sunday until the obligation is removed.  Please visit our website at   

Your return to church brings us great joy … words simply cannot express our delight!  For those of you who feel comfortable joining us, I request that you follow the recommended cautionary protocols and guidelines:

You are highly encouraged to wear a mask out of consideration for others.  Please consider it an act of charity rather than an infringement of your rights. 

Consider bringing with you a personal hand sanitizer. 

Please use the main doors only to enter the church. The side doors will remain closed for now. 

The holy water font and stoups are empty for health reasons. 

Please be seated in the pews that are open.  We have blocked off every other pew with blue painter’s tape to ensure 6-foot distancing.  Families are encouraged to sit together. 

If the number of people coming to church exceeds the limit of permissible occupancy guidelines, you may be asked to return for another Mass. However, we do not want to turn anyone away, so we are prepared to have simultaneous weekend Masses in the Holy Cross Hall, particularly for the Saturday 4.30 p.m. Mass and the Sunday 9 and 11 a.m. Masses.  The overage number will determine availability. 

Gifts will not be brought up in procession by faithful for now. 

Collection baskets will not be passed around.  For your offertory please use the baskets located in the rear of the church as you enter/exit.

When you pray the Lord’s Prayer, you are not required to hold hands. 

Please offer “The Sign of Peace” with a bow and/or a verbal greeting such as, “Peace be with you.”

Communion on the hand is preferred.  If you would like to receive Communion on the tongue, please wait until all others have finished receiving in the hand and come directly to the priest.  This will assist with sanitizing concerns. 

Reception from the CUPS is suspended until further notice. 

Bulletins will not be distributed for now.  A limited number will be available in the narthex.  Please visit the website for complete access. 

No liturgical aids such as books or cards will be placed in the pews. 

After the Mass, please do not linger in the narthex or near the doors.  This poses a challenge to our safe-distancing regulations. 

Thanks to our generous volunteers who have offered to assist the staff with sanitizing the church and restrooms after each Mass! 


I am sorry for the inconvenient imposition of so many restrictions to our normal way of worship.  On a positive note, let us remain thankful that we are finally allowed to come together to celebrate the Mass and receive the Holy Eucharist.  It’s such a joy to see you in the pews!  For those of you who choose to stay at home for a while longer, please know that we will continue to keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers.  You will be greatly missed, but your safety and health are important to us as well. 

Let us continue to pray the wonderful words of the familiar “Veni, Creator Spiritus” as we prepare for the Holy Spirit to empower the church once again and renew the face of the earth.  Come, Holy Spirit, come!  Enkindle in us the fire of your love! 

Be Blessed!

With love,

Fr. John

Weekly Offertory

Thank you for your continued support of our Parish. Without your help we wouldn't be up and running. If you have not made your weekly donation you have the following options:

1. Online at 

2. Offertory can be sent by mail.

3. Offertory can be dropped off at the Parish.

Thank you to those who have already made their donation. You are all in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity Live 11am Mass

Open Table

We at St. John's are blessed to have an active Open Table Ministry.
To learn more about open table watch the video below, featuring video testimonials of our own parishioner volunteers at the 2:35 minute mark.

St John’s Open Table ministry is a life changing ministry. We will be doing virtual training for tables in the near future. If you would like to learn more please email [email protected]


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