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Vote No on Amendment 4

"Amendment 4 was deceptively written to allow abortions throughout the entire pregnancy, even when the baby can feel the pain of the procedure, and to make abortion the only medical procedure that can be performed on a minor without a parent’s consent,” said Vote No On 4 Florida President Dr. Mary J. O’Sullivan, Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Miami Medical School. “By allowing any so-called ‘healthcare provider’ – not just doctors – to determine fetal viability and approve late-term abortions, Amendment 4 essentially gives abortion clinics a rubber stamp to approve abortions in the third trimester, up to and including the last month of pregnancy.”

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Vote No on Amendment 4

Members work to help protect life in all stages by nurturing those who are the most vulnerable—the unborn, the marginalized, and all victims of abuse.

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