Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time - July 7, 2024

Dear Friends,
The 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time invites us to ponder the mystery of Christ. He is not a mere prophet, or only a spectacular
miracle worker, or just a profoundly gifted teacher. As Christians, we are asked to delve deeper: to know that He IS God and to
understand His presence with us as God.
St. Paul was graced with this special insight from the moment of his encounter with Christ. As a result, he was willing to surrender
everything to Christ and bear all hardships for HIS name. In return, Paul was gifted with an amazing way of speaking to God and
hearing from Him. He heard Christ tell him: “MY grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” Are we able to
echo this truth?
I am profoundly grateful to Justin and Amanda Libak and their team for all they did to prepare and guide our 4th of July
celebration. As always, there were scores of people who volunteered to feed us, entertain us, lead us in prayer, and ensure our
safety. Thank you, each one!
This is the first time we have celebrated our Independence Day with a St. John the Evangelist flair. It was wonderful to see your
response and participation. Thanks to all who attended and all who donated water, sodas, and cookies. What an amazing parish
community we have!
As we move forward through the rest of the year, let us continue to thank God for the freedom we cherish. Let us strive to
safeguard what we have: One Nation, Under God; the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave; and the ultimate truth: IN GOD
Let us now return to where we left off in our reading of Pope Benedict XVI’s masterpiece, the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation
Sacramentum Caritatis. As I pointed out previously, we are providing you with this beautiful exhortation in easily digestible
portions as an aid to renewing a grateful appreciation of the gift of the Eucharist.
Have a Blessed Week!
With love,
Fr. John