Fr John's Weekly Message

Fr John's Weekly Message

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 5, 2023

Posted by SJE Admin on 2/05/23

Dear friends,

Last week, I wrote about preparations before the Mass. Mass is the most important event we will participate in during the week. This week I want to focus on the parts of the Mass. Yes, I know that the flow of the Mass is familiar. However, I ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time - Sunday, January, 29, 2023

Posted by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community on 1/28/23

Dear friends,

Hello again everyone! We are still in the midst of the Eucharistic Revival emphasis in our country. I know Fr. John has mentioned this revival before, and I only echo his emphasis. I want to use these next two weeks for working toward a deeper appreciation for ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time - Sunday January 22, 2023

Posted by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community on 1/20/23

Dear friends,

Hello everyone! While Fr. John is away in India, I’ll be filling in for the usual weekly bulletin column. 

One of the frequent joys/duties/responsibilities within the life of a parish priest is presiding over funerals. As a result, I have been to a lot of funerals.  I ... Read More »

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday, January 15, 2023

Posted by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community on 1/14/23

I am so excited to know that our parishioners are heavily involved in our many ministries, not only in the area of liturgy and worship but more so in our outreach ministries. As I described in my letter in December 2022, we are reaching out to so many people ... Read More »

Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord - January 8, 2023

Posted by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community on 1/06/23

Dear friends,

The church all over the world is mourning the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who died on 31 December 2022.  As a community, we prayed for the repose of his soul at all the Masses on 1 January 2023. Thank you for continuing to pray for ... Read More »

Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, January 1, 2023

Posted by SJE Admin on 1/01/23

Dear friends,

As enter into another year of God’s gift, I wish you a very Happy, God-filled and Grace-filled New Year!

My prayers for all of us comes from the words of the Psalmist: “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed” (Psalm 20:4).

... Read More »

Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord, December 25, 2022

Posted by SJE Admin on 12/24/22

Dear friends,

I have heard it said that the month of December is the most Charitable month of the year. I beg to differ. At St. John’s, every month is a charitable month. With joy and gratitude, I want to share how this is.

My heart brims over at ... Read More »

Fourth Sunday of Advent,December 18, 2022

Posted by SJE Admin on 12/19/22

Dear friends,

The time of our waiting continues. But we will arrive at the scene very soon. Please remember, on Tuesday, December 20, we have a spectacular opportunity to meditatively reflect on the important scenes leading up to Christmas through our “Stations of the Crib.” It has proved to ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Advent, December 11, 2022

Posted by SJE Admin on 12/11/22

Dear friends,

The Third Sunday of Advent is traditionally known as Gaudete Sunday, heralded in the beginning of the antiphon at the introit. Gaudete means “rejoice” in Latin, and the rose-colored vestments worn by the priests and deacons on this day are indicative of the joyful expectation of our ... Read More »

Second Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2022

Posted by SJE Admin on 12/04/22

Dear friends,

I thank all those who attended the Advent mission presented by Karl A. Schultz. May St. Joseph and Mother Mary continue to guide us as we journey through this beautiful season in preparation for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Karl also explained in great detail ... Read More »


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